The Amazing Spider-Man #276 "Man Behind The Mask!"

The Hobgoblin believes he has defeated Spider-Man and is about to fire a killing jolt from his finger blaster. However, Spider-Man was playing possum and rolls out of danger at the last moment. Spider-Man is in no mood to have a prolonged battle; all he wants to do is take down the Hobgoblin so he can end his career as Spider-Man. When he comes in for a close-up attack, the Hobgoblin is ill-prepared for such a fight and tries to use his pumpkin bombs to keep Spider-Man at bay. Spider-Man then strikes him in the face with a ball of webbing. In order to see again, the Hobgoblin is forced to remove his mask. Fearing his identity will be exposed, the Hobgoblin flees. Seeing his enemy go, Spider-Man is furious because he didn't even get a close enough look at his enemy before he was out of range. Spider-Man returns to his apartment but sees that Candi, Bambi, and Mandi are on the roof building a pigeon roost, preventing him from using his skylight to return to his apartment. He briefly considers trying to get Mary Jane's attention from the window, but can't be sure his neighbors won't see him. Instead, Spider-Man goes to a payphone on the street to try and call her. However, when he discovers that he doesn't have a quarter, Spider-Man asks a man on the street for one. At first, the man thinks it is a homeless person begging for change, but is quick to give the wall-crawler the quarter when he realizes who is asking.

February 4, 1986